Curious about the service but have a few questions? Here are our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see the one you’re looking for? Contact us. We’d be more than happy to help!

1. How can I use The Social Inbox for my business?

Businesses can take advantage of The Social Inbox for their upcoming social media needs (ie: incorporating it into the marketing strategy for an upcoming launch) or for in the moment things like live events.

2. How can I use The Social Inbox in my personal life?

If you ever find yourself saying, “Just a sec – sharing this photo!” then you can use this tool. Shoot us the photo (single upload process) and we’ll do everything else for you!

3. Why can’t I just continue to share everything myself?

You could but we think that you may highly value the in-person relating versus having your head down in your smartphone trying to juggle it all. It’s a difficult balance to be online and offline all at the same time. The Social Inbox lets you do both easily and effortlessly (your friends will think you are a magician!)

4. How can I trust that the updates are going to be in my voice and will be professional?

We perform a test / trial period with every new client whereby we run through five test uploads and five test postings. We’ll craft the postings for you via regular e-mail (not live onto your accounts) and send them to you to tweak. This will help us better understand you and your style and you can get a better sense for the way we work.

5. How will I easily see how many updates I have used and what I have remaining?

We keep a Google Doc spreadsheet for each of our clients whereby we track the number of updates purchased against the number of updates used. We also copy and paste in a link to each update so you can see which of the updates we’ve crafted.

6. Can I cancel my account at any time?

Absolutely! If you cancel¬†anytime before your next payment is set to recur, your payments will stop and we’ll work out the rest of the month. If your amount recurs, we will not issue a refund on services so please ensure that, if you decide you want to, that you cancel your account before that happens.

7. I’m still not sure if the service is right for me… do you offer a trial?

Yes we do! We have a trial package available on our registration page that offers limited updates for a one-time fee.