Social media designHow would you like to be at an event… spending time with family… running your business… and still have your social media accounts updated and published to regularly?

What would it mean to you to get conference photos shared in real-time versus sharing them at 11pm, when you’re back in your room and nobody else is online to see them?

How would your own events change if you were sharing the moments as they were happening versus waiting until it is over and the momentum is lost?

We created The Social Inbox to breathe life back into your social media activity and allow you to soak up real-life with the people you love the most.

Why The Social Inbox?

10477909_773297046043773_2164836498956825325_nOne of our clients recently hosted a live, in-person event. During this event, we wanted to share the experience in real-time so that people could share photos, tag themselves and so we could keep the conversation flowing without disrupting the room. However, we needed a way to do this so that we could share in prime time without it being too distracting.

Without our support, it would have been likely that our client would have shared very little (or nothing) during the entire retreat or she may have shared all of the photos and updates late at night – when no one else was online and engagement would have been low.

10458009_772248959481915_8885629116634393612_nThe other thing that may have happened, without The Social Inbox, is that she may have chosen to share updates during the retreat but that would have meant taking attention away from the people at the retreat. There’s nothing worse than having to say to someone, “Hold on one second… just sharing this to Instagram.”

Instead, we got her setup with The Social Inbox so that all she had to do was drop us photos either via e-mail, text message or Facebook messenger (whichever was easiest) and her assistants could also do the same thing. Once we received them, we optimized the share with hashtags, a description, tagged people in the photos and more. This meant that her shares were happening in real-time and engagement was high.

We also monitored the hashtag and the shares of her assistants (and other people at the conference) and we shared and reposted the content, which created a much richer experience for everyone following the retreat from home and for those that were there.

How Does The Social Inbox Work?

Gossip Concept - Abstract Watercolor Painted Speech BubblesWe’ve created a seamless experience that will take you hardly any time at all to get us your content. Here’s the process we will take you through when you become a part of The Social Inbox experience.

The Setup Process

  1. You register with one of our monthly plans – we have plans for every level of social media user and you can always adjust your plan as you go.
  2. We set you up with everything you need to easily and seamlessly send us your photos and other material for social media in real-time.
  3. You fill out a form that lets us know more about you, your sharing behavior and more about your voice and the voice of your company.

Using The Social Inbox

  1. In real-time, you send us your photos, blog post links, text-based updates, etc. – whatever you want shared in the moment – via the easy channels we’ll setup for you.
  2. We post your social media updates in a highly optimized way. For example, we’ll add hashtags, create collages (if necessary), tag people, etc. so that you are engaging in the most productive way.
  3. You get to be engaged on social media without disrupting your flow in the moment.

Give Me a Few Examples of When The Social Inbox Would be Helpful!

SmartphonesThe Social Inbox can be used everyday but a lot of our customers use it for specific purposes. Here are just a few of the ways we’re seeing people use our services:

  • Events – this is a perfect time to use our service as you can be engaged and interactive online while still fully enjoying the actual event. This leaves you with more time to network and build relationships while also fueling your online profile as well.
  • Upcoming Events – if you know that you’re attending an event in the future or you’re hosting an event or speaking at one, drop the link to us! We’ll schedule some updates from now until the event date so that you can begin building virtual relationships before you even walk in the physical door.
  • Marketing Support for Your Business – if you find yourself with a lot going on in your business but zero time to share it on social, let us help! All you need to do is drop us the URL for your sales page or your product page and we’ll do the rest. This is even a great way to make use of all of those affiliate programs you’re a part of but never promote!

Which Social Networks Do You Support with The Social Inbox?

Social media Speech BubblesWe support all of the major networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • And more

Here is an example of the process flow that we would take if you sent us, for example, a photo. Now, keep in mind that if you are not on some of these networks, we simply won’t post there. We’ll post to the networks that you are active on and we find that out through our intake and setup process.

  • You text us a photo
  • We add text (if applicable) or otherwise edit the image
  • We post it on Instagram
  • We then upload it to your Facebook page
  • We Tweet it out

During this process, we optimize each share. We change the description to suit the medium, we tag people where appropriate and we will make sure that every post is maximized to reach the most amount of people.

So, are you ready to get started with The Social Inbox? We have a trial plan and you can cancel the service at any time!